What Is Proxy Server And How It Works

What is proxy server

What is proxy server and how it works

Today we tell you what a proxy server, is how does it work so let’s know about proxy server before knowing about the proxy server, know about the word proxy server.


Word proxy server

Word proxy means to deal in indirect way, talk, or send data in indirect way , or provided indirect service to someone.


Proxy server

The proxy server also works the same way, which interacts between the internet server and the computer according to the given directions. it can also be a computer, or there may be an application, as if a client sends a request, the direct internet does not go, it first goes to the proxy server,

Then the proxy server sends that request to the internet server and then the proxy server sends that data to the client directly. In this case, this works is done indirectly.


What is proxy server and how it works


How proxy works

If it works, it works almost like VPN to do the work of proxy but it still works differently from VPN. Suppose, we do same searches on google will know that this search is being done form which country google is tracing us anyway but if we search google through proxy,

it will not be so easy to trace us because the proxy server will show google the ip address of the country in which the country we have setup the IP and this process is proxy our IP stores and visit the sites to know his which we have in the proxy.

If we talk about the difference between proxy and vpn then there is not much difference in it but they still have their own work,


What is proxy server 1


Difference in proxy in VPN

The proxy server is used for a specific browser or website , while we can use VPN for the device or any specific app. if security is discussed then the security of the proxy server is not high enough as there is a single layer, while VPN is secure, the speed of the proxy is not much as compared to speed as VPN provides.

If seen form illegal way, the internet can be used free of charge form the proxy server, while VPN can not do it.


What is proxy server and how it works



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